Classic Vase - Metal

Crest Vase - Metal

Gem Vase - Metal

Crown Vase - Metal

Regal Vase - Metal

Large Paragon Vase - Metal


We offer a wide selection of granite and man made vases ranging from $85.00 to $165.00. Vases can be added to new monuments as well as existing monuments. We will be glad to give you more information as well as an exact price over the phone.

Give us a call at: (937) 548-3011

Tiara Vase - Metal

Small Paragon Vase - Metal

India Black - Turned Granite

Newbury Grey - Turned Granite

India Red - Turned Granite

Mt. Rose - Turned Granite

We have many more vases including exclusive vase designs available in our online showroom.
 Just give us a call:  (937)-548-3011